STL and SAGA Group provide high quality logistics services tailored on the specific needs of the project, adopting a 4PL approach that allows customers to use logistics as a lever for competitiveness.

Together with the customer’s logistics team, STL creates and coordinates a Logistics Execution Plan for each project, to ensure the correct and timely performance of all operations included in the supply chain from any departure point in the world up to delivery at the construction site.

Dedicated teams of professionals follow the execution of the Plan, being available 24/7, whenever and wherever needed.

Exceptional loads, large volumes, heavy over-sized cargos and/or those subject to particular storage features are managed by a competent team that is constantly updated and which studies the most effective transport solutions being able to manage all the phases of large international projects.

STL inherits SAGA’s strong expertise in Industrial Project cargo acquired over the years and can cope with even the most complex transport dynamics managing each phase of the project directly, including:

  • Consolidation of goods for on-forwarding
  • Over dimensional cargo including modules/buildings
  • Provision and management of all related necessary permissions
  • Customs brokerage services
  • In-Country cargo transportation
  • Shipment of Hazardous goods
  • Effective and efficient tracking from collection through to delivery
  • Expediting activities
  • Risk evaluation
  • Infrastructure evaluation
  • Road, rail, air sea/river/canal freight and surveys
  • Transport/Engineering Assistance
  • Operations on multi-axle truck
  • Ro–Ro Operations
  • Preparation of Logistical Performance Plans and for the management of safety (HSE)

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STL performs customs clearance formalities in full and strict compliance with the applicable Customs Codes of RoK and Customs Union.

The bureaucratic procedure to Import goods in RoK might be a thorny issue, but, through its long-lasting experience in Custom Clearance Management, a strong team of qualified customs Experts and an established and reliable network of local customs brokers, STL is able to find the low-cost, shortest and safer way to run the process.

STL guaranties full assistance towards its Clients and Customs Authorities in order to clear goods in accordance with the Customs Union Guidelines.

    These are some of the customs clearance services that STL offers:
  • Import/Export and Transit clearance
  • Temporary importation/Exportation
  • Custom Clearance under conditional release (Duty/Vat special regime)
  • Bonded area Operation
  • HS code identification and Customs regulations consultancies
  • Certification of Compliance
  • Permits and Licenses obtaining
  • Obtaining of Preliminarily Decision on Goods Classification for complex goods
  • Customs Bonded area License obtaining and operations
  • Daily Customs Clearance Status Report
  • Quarterly Report
  • Post Customs Audits
  • Application of Processing procedures outside the customs territory (mostly used concerning damaged goods reparation and replacement)
  • Procedure of Customs warehouse
  • Reconciliation report with customs authorities

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HL/OOG movements are managed by a dedicated team of specialists; since heavyweights have to be competently handled during loading and discharging steps and then firmly secured for a safe transportation, for each movement a specific execution statement is issued and verified in compliance with Clients request.

    STL performs all the major activities involved in HL/OOG movement the following are some of the services we provide in this field:
  • Route survey
  • Lifting plans and lifting operations engineering
  • Permits and authorizations
  • Multi-axle Hydraulic Modular trailers operations
  • Roll on/off operations
  • Sea fastening and grillage engineering
  • Barge towage operations
  • Lashing and Dunnaging
  • Offshore Support

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STL knows the best way to run Materials Management in order to provide the Client with an unbroken chain of components and highly capable personnel, ensuring that all materials are easily traceable, delivered on time and properly preserved, to optimize this process STL offers the following solutions:

  • Vendor assessment
  • Survey and Consultancies
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Materials Inspection and Procurement
  • Materials Coding
  • Expediting
  • Materials Handling
  • Materials Packaging
  • Materials Preservation
  • Local transportation permit
  • In-country Storage and Warehousing
  • HSE Surveys and Consultancies
  • HSE and Waste Management
  • EP Contractor Procurement

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